Our vision is your vision. At MG Architects we believe that our clients are a fundamental part of the design process and we collaborate together to bring your vision to life. Our ability to skillfully create a wide variety of architectural styles is what makes MG Architects unique.

Branch Transformation

Branch transformation is so much more than purchasing technology. It affects the way you deliver products & services and the way you interact with your customers. We've collaborated with hundreds of financial institutions to create effective and economical banking environments that define their brands and increase performance. We understand what works and how to achieve it.

Interior Design


Working together with our clients we design interior spaces that are functional, attractive, and enhance the user’s experience. We go beyond simple material selection to create environments that integrate lighting, color, furnishings, marketing, and usability.

Master Planning

Whether your plans for the future involve construction of multiple buildings, individual building expansion, or construction of a new headquarters we can help you develop a roadmap for development and growth.

Facility Evaluation & Renovation

You may need to refresh the look and feel of your facilities, or growth may warrant reconfiguration of existing spaces. In either case, we can evaluate your needs and develop them accordingly. MG Architects has renovated hundreds of thousands of square feet from the smallest tenant spaces to multi-floor office buildings.

Site Selection

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We understand the nuances of siting a building properly. Acknowledging the demographics, location, infrastructure, traffic flow, and effectively utilizing the property are all important considerations when choosing the right site for your next building.

Environmental GRaphics & Branding


Retail, transitional, and traditional spaces all have different merchandising methods. By offering designs that are tailored to our clients needs, MG Architects can integrate various types of merchandising, including static and multi-media.

Prototype Building Design

For nearly three decades MG Architects has gained extensive experience in financial institution prototypes. Our experience ranges from multi-location branch design, to site adaptation of existing designs, branding, and more.